Here are useful links that deal with the financial management and reporting for non-profit organizations in Canada.

Canadian Sites

The Canadian Council of Christian Charities
The CCCC works to ensure appropriate financial accountability for Christian organizations, and has a number of publications dealing with accounting and taxation.

Canada Customs and Revenue Agency (formerly Revenue Canada’s site)
This site contains a number of publications, guides and interpretation bulletins for non-profit and charitable taxation matters.

The Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants
The CICA publishes a number of publications of interest to NPO’s and hosts links to accounting firms.

Charity Village
This is Canada’s "supersite" for charities with over 3000 pages of charity info on a variety of matters.

Alberta Sites

The Canadian Condominium Institute - North Alberta Chapter
The North Alberta Chapter provides information on condominium ownership and management.

BC Sites

Condominium Home Owner’s Assocation - CHOA

CHOA provides information on condominium ownership and management